No Lights, Midnight

by Ghost Car

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Debut EP from Ghost Car.


released October 15, 2013

Holly Pearson -Vocals / Guitar
Nic Belor - Vocals / Guitar / Keys / Drums

All songs written, produced and engineered by Nic Belor.
Mastered by J.P Audio.



all rights reserved


Ghost Car Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Feeling Strange
March, April, May
You don't know what to say
when you hallucinate
Figures in the corner
aren't there when you look back,
his eyes are looking for you...

Feeling strange,
you know that it comes and goes Why do you want out?
You know that I'll never know

March, April, May
You start seeing again
this time it's only a friend
Figures in the corner
aren't there when you look back,
his eyes are looking for you
Track Name: John Doe
Couldn't hear your back door close
over the sound of your stereo.
Must make it clear, that he's here -
obviously, full of beer.
Didn't want to go down slow,
like a cop who's a criminal.
You think he wants the best for you -
honestly, I'm confused.

Don't hang around for him to choose,
it's only time that you'll lose...

Shrugged it off like a parking note,
went out back but not to smoke.
He's on the couch passed out.
Finally you made it out.
Since you left he's on his own.
Regular trips to the hospital.
Forgets his name 'cos it hurts -
"John Doe" claims the nurse.
Track Name: Repeat
You walk backwards so you don't follow your own footsteps.
Well it's obvious your lost.
In a bright light, you were gone;
so scared from before.
Now it's night time and the moon has gone.

Don't repeat anything you say to me
I know why you...

Don't want to be alone,
Don't want to be ignored.
Don't want to be alone...

In this small town with all the lights going out,
to the barroom just to turn themselves on for you.
It's a secret; you were wrong and I was never right.
Don't repeat it while the moon is full.

Don't repeat anything you say to me
I know why you...
Track Name: Engine
I think he's stuck in reverse (don't look back)
He'll never take home first (he's going the wrong way)
Watch him round the bends (so commanding)
We never see him straight (so pull him over)

The engine's cold, I don't blame you
It's just a disaster.
It makes me sick to shutup, so backfire
The engine's cold.

You're getting closer to him (over-taker)
A 20-second grin (feels like it's longer)
Now you're passing him by (sending him signals)
You went left, he was right (it's almost over)
Track Name: Burning Out
Don't deny, I saw your light on
Try and hide, watch me follow
I'm burning out...
Straight to the car, boy it's dark out
The glow of the stars, light your eyes up

Burning out, I thought you'd mind...
Never mind...

Don't reply, it's not often
I need my fix - told you off then
I'm burning out...
Feeling right, it's been ages
Back in spite of my old age
Track Name: Spell
Skippin' out on the town,
didn't think I'd bring him back for you.
You don't want him around.
Didn't want to rearrange your life.
You know I know, you don't want anyone to go
Down to their hell.
Didn't want a common magic spell.

Don't introduce me!
Why should you bother?
So he's the father?
I can tell....

Couldn't wait to get out,
you were packed before the dust could settle down.
Said it once with a shout.
you were cold and turned a shade of white.
You know he wont, connect all the letters that you wrote.
To the pain he sells.
All you want is a disappearing spell.

Don't introduce me!
Why should you bother?
So he's the problem?
I can tell...
Don't you feel?

It's working it's way through your bones...
Track Name: Don't Be Fooled
It's 9 o'clock and you don't want to stop over night.
You can't wait to wake me up with morning light.
We pass your town you seem let down, but that's alright.
Reminds you why you left the hive and started out.

I told you, just be cool
I warned you, don't be fooled.

You don't want to get a job and lose your life.
A routine guy is standing by to hold the knife.
He's on the phone, he knows your home and wants a fight.
A steady hand draws you out and sets the time.